JERRONIME supports new advanced Health Technologies


2. The scientists start to discover the connection between space and us. In terms of ELECTRIC FIELDS.

3. BUT -too late! It has been DISCOVERED 20 years ago and has been USED!


…stay with us…

What were the predictions of OSHO referring to Digital Health?


4. Some information about KME/ERI…

5. Why some “CORONA” came? Maybe to make us understand?

6. Maybe we should just understand that the Universe wants us to find on EQUILIBRIUM as Hippocrates already mentioned

7. We have to change the ways of keeping our health balanced – alone and consciously OR we will become VICTIMS of the SOCIETY

8. We are in front of a JUMP – a change of our life style which should be done correctly. You can feel it, you might be even scared from what has been brought to your ears by medias, politicians, financial giants.. Some scenarios look really catastrophic…
No, there is ONE beautiful CHANGE which has to be done and this will bring PEACE and more HAPPY LIVING

Stay with us and you will find out the only EXISTENTIAL TRUE of WHAT are we about to implement!