The current situation brings the need for high protection of the patient from contact with a potential carrier of any disease.

The ERI  digital technology makes health examinations and remedies available remotely to its patients.

How does it work?

The patient buys their own digital sensor (ultrasensitive antenna), which they connect to their personal computer. 

The physician or remote operator activates the ERI software from the cloud to the patient’s computer and analyses the measurement results when the patient connects online via the Internet.

The ultrasensitive antenna detects electrical radiation from the patient’s organs and tissues, including signaling molecules such as hormones, enzymes and neuropeptides, which are released in various emotional states.

ERI software knows exactly what a healthy organ’s radiation should look like based on reference markers. If the measured organ does not “transmit” the correct signal, the ERI software generates a correction signal (transmitted by the antenna) that interferes with the site of the pathology. The correction signal synchronizes the disharmonized transmission of the electric field, thereby revitalizing the healthy functional state of the damaged organ.

 In addition to remote analysis of the health condition and its correction, the patient has the option of running an automatic correction program without operating a doctor or other therapist.