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„You are here not by chance!

The existence needs you. Without you, something is missing for no one could replace you!

The stars, the sun, the moon, birds, trees, earth – everything is part of one big universe, and without you, one little spot will be missing, the one that no one can fill in but you.

Understanding that you are connected with the existence, and that the existence cares about you, will fill you with enormous joy. You will become pure and clear at once, you will see the immense love running to you from all dimensions…

Then you feel the never-ending happiness…




The Human Race has been ost in the cycles. The Human Machines are about to be demolished. Is there any help?


What are  we doing here? On this  planet? What is  the main purpose? Why do we suffer in cyclic ways? What to be done to avoid those cyclic  disasters appearing  from time to  time?  What is the main aim of our lives? There is  a solution to be taken to protect us before much more disaster coming…  Just follow and open your traditional mind to something very new.


Do not miss original story based on real events with possible future impacts…

Is it possible to read someone’s thoughts?
Has science made such progress to present a new healing device to humanity?
And are we ready for that?
Will not the new invention become a tool for manipulation, power games and egotistical combats?
How will it affect the love between two people?
What will it do with interpersonal relationships?
And what is the role of awareness in all of this?
What all is the Mindreader capable of?


Do you want to know more about kind of a mysticism connected to Mindreader?


What can happen if you stop the ordinary life cycles?
This is the story of the Author, based on real life experience, the story which really happened…