It  looks like  a Predictions  of   recently  happened events…Where  the  human  minds    can lead  us  when the blindness  avoids to  see clearly what  is necessary   to  save us. The  fame,  money, pride,  ego have been always  leading human  towards  some  disaster. Exactly  as has been happening jus lately. There is  such a nice solution, how  to become  healthy  and  happy, how not to become a victims of  Governments’  insufficient  ‘health care systems and  wrong  decisions  creating more fear and  restrictions of  the  liberty. There  is  a  Solution  right here, but  we need to escape from our traditional mind  in order to be able to  see it.

We can take  our  own lives under  control.

And no Epidemics,  no  Madness  can  influence them.