Stop the cycles

It might seem to you that in your life, whether work or personal life, the same events, situations, twist and turns, falls and failures repeat again and again. It all comes with the avalanche called sadness. Fear. Pain. Questions: Why am I here? What’s this life about? What’s its point, fulfilment? And why am I going through the same cycles over and over?

If you think about it, maybe the conditioning, the repeating cycles, are not only yours, but also those that your parents had experienced. You live trapped in a vicious circle and you do just what your unconsciousness conditioned you with.

Everything can be changed!

Dive into yourself, feel the silence and beauty of your being. You might even stop those cycles…

Your life will become conscious and full of brightness.

Something similar happened to our protagonist – a successful, intelligent, beautiful and outwardly happy woman, who began to transform from a desperate, gloomy and damaged wreck into a real being full of love.

An incredible story based on true events. A totally worthy read – it might change your life, too…

The alchemist who travels towards happiness in today’s world.

Release date: 2019

Language: English (EN)