“And let us not forget about Mike.

He had it worse than any other. Maybe it was supposed to be that. I had to tell him back then. All the business meetings had made it too obvious, I had to come clean.

And Mike was excited. Why wouldn’t he be?

We closed five deals within two months and made so much money, that it looked like we were living a dream. In one month, we earned as much as both of us had in three years. Our prestige grew, and the “boss” started giving us all the new procurements. And it would go on like this.

Yes, Mike was thrilled. Who wouldn’t be?

He too wanted to try it. God knows how that would end. Who knows if he wouldn’t have persuaded me, and maybe, I’d allow him . . .

I’d figure out a way for him to come home and hold that ‘magical’ golden electrode for a while . . .”

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