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Overview of the ERI Analytical Cloud System

ERI Analytical Cloud system is a universal system consist of Software situated in the Cloud and super sensitive sensor/antenna in a personal computer. It is designed for use in health centres as well as by private persons. It is a highly sensitive, new generation biofeedback system, Improving health and quality of life. ERI provides real-time definition, differentiation, and categorisation of multiple processes from cellular-molecular to organ systems to whole body.

ERI uses the method of spectral-dynamic compensatory adjustment, a new scientific breakthrough in physics. This method helps to harmonise vital processes and possibly reverse the course of illness.

ERI Analytical Cloud system provides:

    • Analysis of symptomatic pathologies and their treatments. The diagnoses take only 40 seconds and gives you all necessary results…
    • Evaluation of latent diseases and prevention of their manifestations.
    • Evaluation of the risk factors and functional disorders of various origins with the purpose of their prevention.
    • ERI screening reveals wide range of pathologies, diseases, predisposition to them, as well as conditions of acquiring a particular health problem. One of the important features of ERI is a detection of pre-clinical forms of diseases.
    • It allows specialists to carry out preventive measures while significantly reducing an examination and treatment time. It is also a great tool in promotion of preventive measures in various conditions.

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