A thought comes from the
outside. A thought is something
raw, a soft substance, yet it can
be caught.
How do we protect our thoughts
from being readable by the
others? How do we get
equilibrium and stability in our
Only meditation brings us to
the state of absolute awareness
without any disturbing elements
from the outside, without any
Only meditation gives us clear
understanding, witnessing and
But it is the hardest thing in the

Rok vydania: 2018

Jazyk: Anglický (EN)

Three-level Synopsis

… level one

Professor Valerii, an acknowledged scientist and innovator, loves his wife, Tatiana. He
cannot just sit and watch her dying in front of his eyes while no one is able to diagnose the
cause of her disease. He embarks on an impossible quest to save her…
Alan loves Sonia, at least so it appears. Then why did he betray their love and use the
invention of hers and Professor? What is his intention?
Sonia is like a daughter to Professor and Tatiana. They love her regardless that she had
broken up with Misha, their adoptive son…
Sonia loved Misha and could not bear that he left her for longing for his homeland. She could
leave with him, but he did not want that. And so she gave all her energy to her clinic and
patients, and, of course, to the research with Professor. His revolutionary discovery is about
to see the light of day very soon.

The USA giant Vesla longs for a new discovery. Their scientist announced to come up with a
unique device, the Mindreader, within ten years. For Kurt Eden, the main shareholder and
president of the company, it is hard to believe what a good luck came to them – a discovery
of a century came to them served on a silver plate and without waiting for a decade. It does
not take long, and the dark clouds of uncertainty, suspicion, dirt and lies start to gather
around this revolutionary patent.
Who can turn the tables? Can it be another couple in love – Thomas and Catherine? It might
be, considering that Cathy possesses the power to be immune to the Mindreader, she knows
the method of how to be “unreadable”.
Who murdered Alan’s ex-colleague? And why?
Where is Alan?
And who has kidnapped Sonia?
Why does Kurt Eden want to stop the manufacturing?
Who was shooting at Professor and his wife?
Is humankind ready for such invention?
“Mindreader” has all the answers.

… level two

A well-played game full of intrigues, science, medicine and health research, love and betray,
full of lies and desire for power gained through the skill of controlling the human mind…
Money, fame and power…
A slow start up to the sixth chapter gives room to introduce the creator of the revolutionary
invention in the medicine field and to zoom in on his motivation – his love that made him
dive into such research and construct something like that. The gradually built up story line
interleaves the parts of how it all began with thrilling passages from present, respectively
future, in a way that does not give a chance to see it coming, what the plot is… Some sort of
unexpected strange twists and events which lead the story line towards some “special and
strong” skills of other people… At least that is how it looks on the surface…
The story of love of Professor – a scientist – started already in the past century, and it is a
true story. As well as the medical invention CEM is real and has been used to this day. As
well as the entire story about the intrigues going hand in hand with inventing and patenting
this device.
But all other events, the further events heading to the future are a fiction… Well, a fiction,
which will highly likely happen in reality as well because rumour has it that the work on a
similar invention is in progress… somewhere…
The love couple Catherine and Thomas will bring us to meditations which appear as the only
protection humankind has against the effect of this invention. And how will the main
protagonist Sonia handle the betrayal and violated trust?
The story line is interwoven by more threads of love which keep the readers from seeing
where the story is heading and until the very last moment they will accuse someone to be
main suspect, someone completely else than…
All these original situations course the story at a brisk pace forward and bewilder the readers
so that they are not sure whether they are reading a love story or a medical study about
magically healed cases or a detective novel about the hunt for a thief of the license and even
about a murder investigation. Or maybe it is a sci-fi story, it seems so… But it is not. The
story is real, integrated, compact… and the Mindreader – the revolutionary invention of the
century – is already “in the air”, you can sense it… It is close, prowling for us and
challenging us to get ready… But how?
That all is to found out thanks to this book – through this thrilling story that certainly is going
to have a “to be continued…”

… level three

The plot stands on the already existing fact that in some countries a treatment using an
innovative prototype is being practised. On such principle, the Mindreader is invented – a
machine intended to treat and heal people.
As it usually happens, this patent is stolen and abused.
The line of events triggered by that together with the powerful tool that the Mindreader
becomes and how effective it is in destroying humanity – that all is uncovered in this book.
As the story is based on true events, projects a real life of an inventor of the original healing
tool prototype and through the theft of the patent and know-how reveals astonishing secrets,
the whole book gives a very realistic sensation.
Moreover, since all the thrilling twists and turns are happening through interpersonal
interactions, they point out the twists in love, relationships, and clearly mirror the capability
of the Mindreader to change people’s behaviour and implement a desire for power and
manipulation into them.
Partially it uncovers even the political and religious background and the power of a certain
chosen group, who is playing the big game with the events on Earth – on this planet – as if
with some dolls, puppets.
The plot touches the Sci-Fi dimension here, although the truth lies somewhere in between.
Yet it can be a foundation for the next story – Mindreader II, in which all the secrets about
Earth and the elite in charge would be uncovered, and which would reveal a catastrophe
that the Mindreader can cause unless used correctly. Protectors, of course, are on guard and
The story is situated in Ukraine, the origin of the scientist, later in Europe (Berlin and
Switzerland) and then in the USA (Secret Valley).